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The Great Indian Wedding Tamasha ~ Round I

Dekha Dekhi

Origin: Devnagri; borrowed from the words dekhna-dikhana which means to see and to show.

Meaning: A prospective groom’s family meets a prospective bride’s family and the boy and girl are made to interact under the watchful eyes of their parents and decide whether there is a connect enough for them to marry.

This is also the first step in the Great Indian Wedding Tamasha, after the boy (at times) has been sufficiently embarassed by the girl’s parents in a previous meeting, probably in his own house!

So the girl has to be this demure, nervous looking thing while everyone asks her questions etc. Well, here it was the opposite. For some reason I wasn’t nervous, or scared by the time they reached (half hour late). I was eager to get over with it and took it as confidently like an interview. The only difference this one was on me and life matters and not on work-related situations and I couldn’t definitely be as aggressive or smooth as the situation demanded.

Once the boy started talking to my elder younger brother, I couldn’t help but laugh. For some odd reason I was finding the entire session a bit too funny. After a bit, it was time for us to TALK.

We went for a walk outside the coffee shop and told the guy what I do and would like to carry on with that. The guy in his right said that I’m expanding what I do and would want my wife to be a part of that. Hold it there. We didn’t discuss this part anymore and then went on to straight what all he did, his daily routine etc. I kept smiling and laughing throughout his monologue without releasing why he was sounding so familiar.

Came back home later that night and was describing him to the eager beavers. And bang on, one said, “You met a real life Subodh!” Subodh! Yes, how could I forget epic Subodh from Dil Chata Hai! No wonder that I kept smiling and made him and his family wonder why?

For more updates on this, keep watching this space. I’m sure to write more as the days/rounds progress.


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