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Ode to the much missed Lucky Ali

Sunday afternoon I hit jackpot. My childhood buddy discreetly admitted that he wanted to watch Aashqui 2 and had no one to go with. In my case, if I told the one I was betrothed to that I wanted to watch the movie – I think he would have called off the engagement there and then. So the two of us begged and pleaded with our respective ‘unromantic’ spouses to watching this sloppy movie with us that night. After downing enough booze to make anything tolerable, we walked in to Mani Square Cinemax. The movie opened with a song – Sun raha hai na tu – and everything changed thereafter. I couldn’t help but wonder where Lucky Ali disappeared. The much missed Lucky Ali. This is a kind of song which you believe only he could do justice to.

I grew up when Indie Pop had just become a rage and you grooved with Alisha Chinoy’s Made in India or Shaan and Sagarika’s Disco Deewane and then forgot about their existence. But not so with Lucky Ali, you heard Oh! Sanam and yet wanted more of it. With every new song you wanted more of him –Anjani Rahein, Gori Teri Aankhein, Tu Kaun Hai or his Bollywood hits you couldn’t just get enough of his voice and then he was gone. No more songs, no more music just that haunting voice which makes you feel empty from within when it’s not there.

Not being able to come to terms with this emptiness, I looked him up on Facebook and hit upon his Facebook page. A relief to see he was still alive and still making music. Heard his not released song from David and his latest malayalee song and was relieved. He still sang, did concerts.

The joy of his existence, the joy of hearing his voice again was just so liberating. I wondered is this why his voice is missed? He liberates. He fetches you out from you bell jar and lets you breathe the fresh air around.

Thank you for your music, Lucky. Thank you for the breath of fresh air.


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