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Rambling on

Today’s post is on rambles. Just random rambles to unlock your ‘mind’. With a thousand other things running in the background. Year end filing, client priorities, inability to write a small bit of copy or even to assimilate all the information and to top all that, this stupid headache. Why does the head ache in the first place? Would be so much easier not to have a head at all!

And now again I’ve drawn a blank on what to ‘ramble’ on about as the line of thought was broken with the tiny things you need to look into when you have a fledgling company and few educated souls in a morose city to take the load of you. That reminds me if there is any half decent writer in the city of Calcutta still exiting please do get in touch with me. I’m tired of trying to solve issues, write and think.

By the way, thinking and writing just don’t go together. How do you think when you write and vice-e-versa? Also, did I tell you I recently got married. Yes, marriage. Something I didn’t think I would ever land up doing till this guy emerged from either Marvel comics or the Stone Age. Yes, he is actually that big and that cuddly too. Ya, but is immaterial I still got myself into being committed and responsible for another soul! *sigh* What was I thinking? See if I just wrote I wouldn’t have been in such a situation *hmmmm*

Just to add as a disclaimer here. I love my husband. He’s a walking, talking grizzly bear with manners!

Isn’t twenty minutes a bit too long. I’m through with ten and don’t have anything else to say. I’m reading another book. Jackdaws by Ken Follet. First Ken Follet book when I might as well read the new Mahabharata which has just entered my household. My husband had gone to Mayapur and picked that up from the book store. The first few page was interesting *thought bubble*

I love mythology. Hindu mythology. That’s the only thing I loved studying in college. A course which I took out of compulsion rather than choice. Just gave a overall view of life and tad bit of inclination towards philosophy and mythology subjects which I ran away from earlier. So coming back to Hindu mythology. Its just interesting. So many different viewpoints, so many different ways of saying just one story. Every nook and corner of the country would be having a different interpretation of these stories that’s why so many different versions exist in the first place. Over the ages they keep getting more and more civilised till the essence of the entire story is lost somewhere. Its like the birds and bees. Stork delivered children and when you grow up you know what sex is. The ‘aha’ moment. I just wish someone could suggest me a good book on vedas. Dying to read the text in its entirety. The gurukul system was so cool and modern and yet we adapted to English system which is nothing but something you can’t use in life.

10 more mins up yet? I guess not. But I’ve ran out the patience to write and I will be hitting publish in the next two minutes. I refuse to re-read and edit and I’m warning readers, please save yourself of that mess as well.


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