Random thoughts

Those songs

There are songs and then there are SONGS. Songs which are happy songs and songs which you sing when you go through some kind of emotion. The songs which emerged as the strongest contenders are as follows:

Iris by Goo Goo Dolls

I fell in love, the most impossible kind of love and then I happened to watch City of Angels one night. And I’d felt that longing. The need to give up everything to feel that one touch. To realise that its not forever and to just feel that one touch before its long gone.

At the same time there was this hindi song called Tujhse naraaz nahi zindagi from the movie Masoom which began to play again and again in my mind. A simple song about the surprises life throws at you. You are hurt and yet you have to live on. Jeene Ke Liye Sochaa Hi Nahi, Dard Sambhaalane Honge, Muskuraaye To, Muskuraane Ke Karz Utarne Honge.   That just summed my state of mind, gave me courage to stay sane and made me fall in love with the great lyricist Gulzar. The uncertainty about  where my life was headed or what was happening within me was frightening. I tried to live my life with a nonchalance were every little bit of me was screaming just look at me once please, just hold me again, just let me feel that warmth, that safety, that security.

Life moved on and now and then I keep humming this song called Tere bina zindagi from the movie Aandhi Lyrics again by Gulzar. A simple song of acceptance of love lost. Life carries on, I have no complaints with it, but I’m not really living without you there. The wish that we had walked the same path and the wish that I had the courage to walk that path with you. I wish I could hide myself away in your arms but all those are just empty wishes.

So ya, anytime I feel low either of these three songs run through my head and I’m not low anymore. Its weird as each of these songs leave a gaping a hole in your heart but at least it calms your restlessness.


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