Random thoughts

Some regrets

The older you grow the more you wish you could have done things differently. I’ve  always had a Butterfly Effect kind of a wish. You know the Ashton Kutcher movie? The wish that I could go back and change this, and a bit of that…*sigh*

Over time I sit back to think hard, to get to a point where I would want to change something/ everything from.  But then I reach nowhere. I realise that whatever there was is who I am.

However, there are some regrets which are hard to forget:

  • I regret not meeting my best friend when he was suffering from cancer even though we were in the same city
  • I regret not meeting his father more often when he needed me
  • I regret not travelling enough with family when I could
  • I regret not travelling at all
  • I regret not moving out when I could
  • I regret not taking forward anything till the end till it became a habit to desert things mid-way
  • I regret not reading enough
  • I regret not giving enough to people who deserved it
  • I regret splurging on people who didn’t…

What is the one thing you regret the most? Can you pin point that one day you would like to go back to and change everything thereon? Leave your thoughts behind.